About us

Our vision

The main objective of WRO is striving for a society where both women and men have equal values, opportunities and rights.

WRO tries to raise awareness among women on their rights and duties and to empower them for better integration and contribution into their society. This organization is not associated to any political or religious view.

The WRO goal is to eliminate:

  • Violence against women and children
  • Honor killing and violence, women oppression
  • Forced marriage
  • Child marriage
  • Female circumcision (Female Genitalia Mutilation)

Our activities

WRO has five routine programs and several projects:

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  • Monthly magazine
  • Radio program
  • TV program
  • Counselling services
  • Awareness raising campaigns

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Our history

The Women’s Rights Organization was established as an association in Malmö since 1998 and it grew to a non-governmental organization. It has 180 individual and organizational sponsors and has established activities  in Stockholm , Gothenburg, Borås , Helsingborg, Uppsala and Karlskrona. The WRO in past was mainly focused on two goals:

Addressing the gender apartheid in countries where women’s oppression is in the smallest details of the woman’s life. We work advocated for action against executions and stoning. We raised awareness on equal rights for women in all over the world and participated in the international campaign “one law for all”.

We worked against honor-related violence in Europe. We supported interventions which helps abused women to reintegrate in the society and find their way and get the help they need in the community. We have several projects and activities for integration of abused women back into society. The project “Sweden is my new homeland” which has been supported by the Youth Board is an example of our work on integration issues.

We have project to raise awareness against genital mutilation of children in form of circumcision.

During 2008-2011, we managed a project for establishing a “Counseling Center” to support vulnerable women with support of the provincial government in Skåne.

During 2010-2013 we managed a Hit house, supported by the provincial government in Skåne and Malmö city, which was creating a working environment for abused women.

In 2009, with support of “Crime Victim Fund” we organized the conference of “Voices from the voiceless women “in Malmo, under the Crime Victim Fund, where the vulnerable women themselves came to speak with the audience and talked about their experiences and expectations.

In 2011, “Crime Victim Fund” supported us in organizing conference of “Fadime Remembrance “in Stockholm on 21 January 2011 and in Gothenburg on 4 February 2011.

2011-2014 we ran a hugely appreciated project sponsored by the Heritage Fund (BOM , Children and mothers ) we provided rehabilitation support for children  and mothers affected by domestic violence. Within BOM project a symposium with a presence of parliamentarians and local politicians was held to discuss the domestic and honor violence and its consequences. As a result a book was published as “The brightest light of summer “reflecting the hidden violence against women and children) with a series of interviews of abused women who participated in the BOM project.

We have the opportunity to help girls and women who have been assaulted, raped, threatened, subjected to forced marriages and feel abused by their male partners and relatives.

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